The Story of Handwriting My New Logo: DIY -ing My Logo Design

As part of the re-branding of my company from Urban Fish Design to Rebecca Berenson Designs, I needed a new logo.  This time around I knew I would create the logo myself.  So much has changed since I started my professional design career in 2008.  Back then I had to farm out EVERYTHING digital.  I was not capable of doing any of it myself.  I can say with a lot of pride, that I am now a fully self-sufficient design studio.

Hand written, lettering, graphic design, digital design, custom lettering, custom calligraphyI decided to hand-write my name and that would show my lettering ability, after the initial idea was sparked in a conversation with an Interior Designer friend who loves my work.  I used one of these little pink note cards and used one of my brush pens wrote it a few times and then this version spoke to me. (Both the cards and the brush pens come from Daiso Japan on Mira Mesa Boulevard in San Diego.  The pens are $1.50 each and a pack of multi-colored little cards are also $1.50.)

I scanned into the computer and moved the words around in Photoshop till I got it right for placement on my website and business cards.

For my business cards, I went to GotPrint and used the upload your own design platform.  I decided to fill the card front with one of my newest patterns and bring the opacity down enough to add the copy to the card.

Hand written, lettering, graphic design, digital design, custom lettering, custom calligraphyThe new cards arrived yesterday,  and I am very happy with them!  I ordered 500 cards for $16.00 plus $9.00 shipping. The shipping/handling charge was annoying but I went with it because my Urban Fish Design cards are from GotPrint and I love them so that made the decision easier.

It feels great to have these cards on hand.  I’m making so many products and they will all be available on the Rebecca Berenson website! No longer will I have to confuse people by giving the long story of how my company name has changed from my old card.

Since the price is so affordable on GotPrint I may order another 500 cards with a different pattern.

How did you create your logo? Are you a self-sufficient designer, or did you hire a designer for the job?  Did you hand draw any part of the design?  What company did you use to print your first business cards?